Camtrol Prime – Overview

Camtrol Prime - Overview

The Camtrol Prime is an ergonomic , handheld camera stabilizer designed to cradle and protect small HDSLRs, small camcorders, and all POV cameras allowing “complete freeshooting ability” to even the most novice of operators while being designed robust enough for expert videographers and their customization needs.


Camtrol’s Receiver Post for Remote and Accessories(RP/RA) allows our Camtroller and remote mounting plate to be attached to the action control grip with wires running through the hollow grip making it cable free. Your cable then plugs into LANC port or digital L line. The RP/RA also accepts light panels, monitors and microphones.

Camtrol’s exclusive “true feel grip” provides the shooter a “grab n shoot” for fast access and it provides a secure, safe handle that helps deliver the operator steady floating and dramatic moving shots. The action control grip works for both right and left handed operators.

With its three locking ball joints and its vertical stabilizer bar, the Camtrol can be set to unlimited customized configurations that allow the user to remain standing upright while capturing ground level shots, overhead shots, and around-objects shots. With Camtrol “shift on the fly” you can quickly adapt to changing conditions safely setting your Camtrol down anywhere with its quad pod legs. Adjustments to Camtrol are made with you hands, no special tools required.

Camtrol’s exclusive centering channels help the operator to find and adjust the camera’s center of gravity to give perfect balance. Camtrol’s Channeled Mounting Plate(CMP) provides a secure attachment for operators cameras as well as anti-slip and anti-vibration protection. With its legs retracted it acts as a skid plate and protects cameras from impacts and scratches.

The Prime has quad pod retractable landing legs(QPRL) which are designed so the operator can safely and quickly set his camera down and reconfigure or tweak his current setup. With the landing legs deployed Camtrol also becomes a safe and stable editing and dubbing platform. By deploying the front legs and by retracting the rear legs the Prime becomes a self imaging video trainer.

Camtrol’s 1/4″ mounting thumb screw guides and secures all cameras to the CMP. The bottom of the thumb screw has a 1/4″ thread that accepts quick release plates, monopods, or tripods. The operator can now change between free shooting and static shots quickly and easily.


* Camtrol is made of sturdy lightweight aluminum and is anodized to protect its finish.

* Camtrol’s standard size stabilizer bar on the Prime allows for cameras measuring up to 3.75 inches in overall height.

* The Camtrol Prime weighs less than 1.8 lbs. It supports up 7lbs of camera, lenses and accessories.

* The CMP is 7″ long and 3 1/2″ wide.

* In its collapased state, the Prime measures 10″long by 6 6/16 wide by 2 1/2″ tall and makes for a highly portable and lightweight stabilizing platform that stores neatly in the operator’s photo bag.


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